out of misery

list created by keri smith
(from her *free* artist's survival kit)

i'm a recovering designer of mass production.
i used to be in fashion for years + years.
i came out of it jaded + feeling quite uncreative.
not that i'm dissing the industry or the trade,
it's just that i got lost in it. BIG time.
i started pink mist industry as an outlet
to get back in touch with that creative side,
if it still existed.

i discovered that embroidering cards by hand
(take a looooong time + hurt my fingers)
has been very therapeutic.
it's tactile, personal, intimate.
makes me feel like an artist again
(w/ its misery + all).

luckily, i have this list to remind me
how NOT to fall back into the dark side.
ultimately, it's not about what i DO,
but who i AM as an artist.
i'm back.


urban alchemist

i took a little field trip to URBAN ALCHEMIST.

it's a store located in park slope, brooklyn -
one of my favorite neighborhoods in new york.
i met the lovely rebecca (sorry i missed you, imaan),
dropped off some of my hand-embroidered goodies
from the early spring collection
+ even got some great indie biz tips.
it's a precious little store with
a wonderful selection
of handmade items.
it's definitely worth the visit if you live nearby.


eat ice cream + eat cake

loving these 'eat ice cream' + 'eat cake'
embossed cards
by the proud mama of bbb sisters.
now we know where their talent come from.

they suggest using them for:
birthdays, weddings, anniversaries...

i was thinking more like:

post-break up, valentine's day for singles...

am i just a cynical person??

(cards will be available for purchase soon)


dr. seuss


new in shop!

i'm launching my new 2010 early spring collection!
(also introducing the latest valentine's day cards)

it includes a lot of sweet, romantic, nostalgic pieces.
to help me achieve the desired effect,
i've incorporated some watercolor.
yes, they're individually hand-painted -
in addition to the hand-embroidery.
it is a tedious process but i absolutely LOVE doing it.
every stitch + every stroke is made with great care, i promise ;)